Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lets get this blog on the road .....

Hello and welcome

I  like nothing better than a bloggy travel session.  Take a bit of scoot over to the good ole US of A and check out the Fat Quarter Shop (one (!!) of my favourite online shops).  From there I'll usually check out my favourite designers and see what there up to, maybe then have a look at some aussie blogs and finish up with a little english countryside.

So I thought, maybe some others would like to tag along - and I can also track down other crafty bloggers and see where they are off to.

I love making stuff with fabric, clothes, bags, quilts and all sorts of crafty things.  Whatever I have time for.  I'm about to start my first full time job in about 18 years (that's how old my oldest is) and will no longer feel guilty about playing and making when I am not working.

I'm hoping to make some stuff that other people like and have a little store on Etsy (or Ebay) or whatever works as my blog/computer skills improve.

Next exciting event on the calendar is the Make It Blog It Workshop with Nova (my first link and it worked - I hope) at the Circle Retreat at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.  It's unusual for a great workshop to be held close by so I am jumping at the opportunity.   If you would like to find out more go here (I think I've got this link thing licked)

Hopefully my next post will be all about the exciting bloggy stuff I learned and also have some pictures to look at.

Talk soon.


  1. Hi Sandy thanks for coming along on Saturday, I hope you got a lot out of it. I know I did. I found your followers button. yeah

  2. welcome to blogland!
    looking forward to more posts and lots of quilt pictures!